There's no place like dome!

Camping and parking for normal-sized vehicles (no longer than 20’6″) is included in the ticket price and is highly encouraged (most people camp for the entire festival). Any vehicle longer than 20’6″ (including towing) must purchase an RV pass. Upon arrival, our staff will direct you to a designated parking space. Those who need to leave during the festival must inform our staff upon arrival – please be smart. All others should expect to park their vehicle for the entirety of the festival barring emergency. All vehicles are subject to search. Please be flexible with our parking staff whose first priority is maintaining everyone’s safety. We strongly encourage carpooling to reduce our carbon footprint.

Festival Passes


Parking for one normal-sized vehicle is included with your festival ticket.

1 Normal-Sized Vehicle (20'6" or less)

Included with festival pass

RV Primitive Pass (limited; required for any vehicle longer than 20'6")


High Flyer RV Electric Pass (limited; must have High Flyer Passes)


Please help the environment by carpooling. Domefest and Mother Nature appreciate it.